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Rain no friend to Centerville

Centerville Lane resident Jim Prather waved a rake at motorists speeding through the water over the road near Bass on Wednesday and yelled for them to slow down, adding some choice invective.

“It makes me feel better,” he said when it was pointed out they probably couldn’t hear him.

Prather said he built a berm to direct water east of the ditch, but the county engineer made him take it out, saying the water should flow east according to the maps.

“Which way is that water flowing?” he asked between cars. It was flowing west toward his and other residents homes.

While the county has plans to work on Centerville eventually, the large number of culverts and small bridges has delayed the work.

Prather pointed out that both Waterloo and Muller have received work, but Centerville remains a patchwork of asphalt patches.

“This is the most travelled route between the Ranchos and Lake Tahoe, and look at it,” he said. “We know we get water, but this happens every time.”

Prather said he has seen vehicles hydroplane through there when the water is deep.

In April 2018, Prather went to Douglas County commissioners to express his concern about Centerville near his home on the corner of Georgia Lane.

Neighbors said that even a light rain can cause the road to flood. The culverts near there are failing and pose a danger to motorists.

At the time, county road engineer Jon Erb estimated just fixing the culverts on Centerville would cost $300,000 to $400,000.

On Wednesday afternoon, the county closed Centerville to all but residents due to the flooding.