Radio show raises thousands for sheriff’s K-9s |

Radio show raises thousands for sheriff’s K-9s

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Douglas County Sheriff's Office partnered with radio personality Jon Sanchez of KOH 780 am, CEO of Sanchez Wealth Management, LLC and Sanchez Ranch LLC for a series of radio events that were broadcast over the past summer.

Sheriff Ron Pierini said his goal was to connect with the community and increase the approachability of the Sheriff's Office staff.

"I know that Douglas County residents are extremely supportive of the organization and I appreciate it greatly," Pierini said.

The undersheriff, the four captains and a sergeant were guests on the radio show to discuss their areas of responsibility and the active recruitment of the sheriff's office.

Sanchez ended the season with a live remote from Sanchez Ranch Meat Co. in Minden for a K-9 Fundraiser on Oct. 6. NewsTalk 780AM Dan Mason, another radio show host and the station's program director also gave up his two-hour show to extend the fundraiser.

Many Carson Valley residents attended the fundraiser and were able to see the K-9s go through their paces, Sheriff's spokeswoman Sgt. Bernadette Smith said.

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Sanchez interviewed Capt. Joe Duffy, and several of the K-9 handlers on the radio show about the successes and challenges of a K-9 unit.

Sanchez held the on-air fundraiser for three hours to his audience across Northern Nevada. He was able to raise $7,921 for the K-9 unit. Volunteer DCSO Citizen Patrol received donations in person, and manned the telephone for electronic monetary donations.

The donations will be used specifically for the K-9 program, which operates on private funding for veterinarian care, training and equipment. The direct beneficiaries will be Bak, Beny, Jax, Shadow, Drago and Bane, the canines part of the program.

"The existence of a K-9 program greatly enhances the ability for the Sheriff's Office to track down, locate and capture wanted offenders and detect illegal narcotics in the community and schools," Smith said. "The deployment of the K-9's can greatly reduce safety risks to citizens and law enforcement officers in Douglas County, while increasing the agency's effectiveness in apprehending criminals and preserving the peace."

The first K-9 unit formed in 1996, and the original members were Ben and Brushy who specialized in narcotics detection.

In 1999, the Sheriff's Office added two patrol dogs to search and track. Today the unit has six K-9s and they are all dual purpose. However, they do sustain injuries, the most common are minor and usually occur during tracking, when the K-9 is going through brush or over obstacles. When they are injured they are put on "light duty" until recovery is complete. The field usefulness of a K-9 spans about seven years and after their retirement they join the handler's family.

"All of the canines are loved in the Sheriff's Office and staff always keeps a treat on hand for when they visit," Smith said. "During the fundraiser, Sanchez brought his wife Cheryl, and daughter General Manager Brooke Sullivan on and they told audience that the four legged warrior heroes are always provided meat treats when they visit the restaurant. That day they were cooked hamburger prior to beginning the demonstrations, and they do this in exchange for kisses from the canines."

Pierini thanked Sanchez and everyone who was involved for the generosity shown to the DCSO K-9 unit.