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Radar signs confirm Wildrose congestion

There were a lot more cars using Wildrose through Minden than Town Board members expected, they said Wednesday.

Two radar speed limit signs were set up on April 16, and have been tracking motorists ever since.

Town Public Works Director Greg Hill confirmed there was a lot of traffic on Wildrose, and a percentage of those motorists were speeding.

From May 15 to June 3, Hill said 7,975 vehicles traveled from Minden to Gardnerville on Wildrose. That averaged 385 vehicles a day. There were 13,684 vehicles traveling the other way.

While most people followed the speed limit of 25 mph, an average of 37.7 vehicles a day violated the speed limit, with the most egregious offender driving 43 mph.

In comparison, an average of 656 vehicles a day traveled from Gardnerville to Minden, with 22 motorists violating the speed limit a day. The fastest speed going north was 34 mph.

Counters set on Deseret found that there were 4,650 vehicles using the street, or an average of 236.4 vehicles a day. Deseret had the highest percentage of speeders with 24.6 a day. The fastest speeder on Deseret was 42.6 mph.

“The numbers were pretty consistent from week to week,” Hill said.

He said they didn’t do a baseline with the readerboard off to see how seeing their speed affects motorists.

“Most people are going below the speed limit and there are a lot of cars going down that street,” he said.

Town Manager Jenifer Davidson said knowing their speeds appeared to slow down traffic, but the effect was different depending on which direction motorists were travelling.

She said 30 percent of northbound traffic slowed down, while 80 percent of southbound traffic slowed. That might be a result of the difference in speed limits between Gardnerville and Minden. Gardnerville streets have a speed limit of 15 mph, while Minden streets are 25 mph.

Town Board members said they want to see some more data, especially to determine whether school being out affected the traffic counts.

John Stephens said motorists avoiding the school zone on Highway 395 in front of Carson Valley Middle School might skew the numbers higher.

Resident Craig Chambers said 9.7 percent is a lot of cars moving too fast.

“Why let it go on any longer without doing something about it?” he asked.

He asked board members if they were going to lower the speed limit in Minden or install more stop signs on Wildrose.