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R-C photographer’s romantic photo makes soda bottle label

by Shannon Hall, Staff Writer

Aaron and I first noticed Jones Soda when a distributor brought samples to the college for students to try. We began to look for it and buy the few flavors we liked with interesting pictures on the label. The bottles’ labels invited consumers to submit pictures for use on the labels.

We began noticing Jones’ label pictures everywhere we went and even took some pictures to send in.

During Ski Week of my senior year, my family and some friends went to Santa Cruz. Aaron could not come because his schedule didn’t give him that week off.

In Santa Cruz, we went sight-seeing and spent time on the beach. One day, while walking on the beach, I snapped some photos, thinking of the Jones labels. As we walked farther along the beach, I saw messages written in the sand.

Because Aaron wasn’t able to join us and I had been thinking about him so much, I decided to draw a heart in the sand with our initials. I took a picture of it to show Aaron I had been thinking of him.

When we came home, I found the Jones submission form. I had planned to send the pictures I initially took, and as an afterthought I sent the picture of the heart in the sand. I mailed them off and thought nothing of it.

A few months later, I got notice from Jones that one of my photographs had been chosen for a label, and a proof would be sent within the next few months.

Several months went by, and just as I was beginning to forget about it, my Jones Soda label arrived. Jones Soda is a Canadian company, so I received two labels – one in French for Canada and one in English for the United States. The Canadian label was for Strawberry Lime Soda and the American Label was for Blue Bubble Gum Soda. The letter said we should look for my Jones Soda label to reach stores in our area over the next few months.

We waited and waited and, finally, one of The Record-Courier writers found four bottles at a local mini-mart. After that, we began to find them everywhere. I told friends and relatives in other areas to look for the blue bottles.

Now we have quite a collection of blue bottles with my photograph on them and we continue to find more. It will be a keepsake for Aaron and me to share forever, and he will always know that I was thinking of him while I was in Santa Cruz.

Shannon Hall attends Western Nevada Community College and works part-time as a photographer at The R-C. She and Aaron have will celebrate their two-year dating anniversary Feb. 28.