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R-C morning report

It’s St. Patrick’s Day. Are you wearing green?

The color green is not only pertinent to today, but also signifies the coming of spring. It sure feels like spring is in the air here in Carson Valley. The forecast through the weekend is a high of 77 today, low of 35 degrees tonight, high of 71 Sunday and again low of 35 degrees Sunday night. However, looking toward Monday, there will be a 50 percent chance of rain, with a high of 65 degrees forecasted, 37 degrees at night. Rain early in the day is also predicted for Tuesday. So, let’s enjoy the sunshine while we can.

The folks over in Tahoe can expect much the same this weekend, with their highs in the 60s, lows in the low-30s. However, they will have an 80 percent chance of rain on Monday, 80 percent chance of rain and snow Monday night (temps around 35 degrees) and a 50 percent chance of snow on Tuesday. If you live over there, it’s not time to take off those snow tires yet.

In all areas, it’s predicted to clear up after Tuesday.

Enjoy your St. Patty’s Day!