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Quarter of active voters cast ballots so far

A quarter of Douglas County’s active voters have cast ballots so far in this election.

According to the Douglas County Clerk’s Office, 5,541 people participated in early voting by Saturday night and 1,557 cast absentee ballots.

For the first time in Douglas voting history, the county is breaking out the vote by party affiliation.

According to the clerk’s Web site, 4,403 Republicans, 1,799 Democrats and 896 independents have cast ballots.

“It just started,” said Elections Clerk Supervisor Concha Lord. “This is brand new to Douglas County.”

Turnout among county Republican active voters is 29 percent, so far, while 22 percent of Democrats and 16 percent of independents have cast ballots.

“We’re really excited about it,” Lord said of the new feature. “It just brings more information where the public can get it.”

Also new on the Web site is the ability for absentee voters to check when their ballot was mailed to them and when the clerk received it from them.

“The feature has been used quite a bit,” Lord said. “It’s a wonderful feature.”

Early voting continues until 3 p.m. Friday. Election Day is Nov. 2

Visit http://cltr.co.douglas.nv.us/elections/electioncenterhome.shtm for more information.

Active voters are those who cast a ballot in the last presidential election. Inactive voters may cast a ballot, but haven’t for a while. There are 15,035 active Republicans and 2,087 inactive Republicans on county voter rolls. Of the 9,406 total registered Democrats, 1,384 are listed as inactive.