Public asked to report white satin moth sightings |

Public asked to report white satin moth sightings

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The Nevada Division of Forestry is asking anyone who sees a White Satin Moth in norther Nevada to report it, so officials can see how widespread the infestation is in the area.
Jeff Knight / Nevada Department of Agriculture |

The Nevada Division of Forestry is asking the public to report sightings of White Satin Moths in northern Nevada.

The effort will help the department determine how widespread and severe the White Satin Moth, Leucoma salicis, infestation is in the area, according to a press release from the Nevada Division of Forestry.

The non-native insect is capable of defoliating aspen, cottonwoods and willows. In flight now, the White Satin Moth can be found flying in the upper canopy of any poplar species and laying eggs or mating on trunks, leaves or branches. Eggs laid in July and August will hatch in a few weeks, and larvae will skeletonize leaves on aspen, cottonwoods and willows before moving to bark fissures and spinning protective coverings to winter in, the release stated. White Satin Moths appear all white except for the body, which looks like it has black bands and are about 1 1/2 inches wide at full wing span. New larvae will be small, furry, brown and black caterpillars. Late stage caterpillars mature at about 1 3/4 inches long.

To report a sighting of the moth, contact Gail Durham at or call 775-849-2500.