Proposals released for Tahoe’s largest restoration project |

Proposals released for Tahoe’s largest restoration project

by Adam Jensen

The California Tahoe Conservancy has released a draft plan for a proposed restoration of Lake Tahoe’s largest remaining wetland, the Upper Truckee Marsh.

The restoration project would be the largest ever in the Lake Tahoe Basin, according to CTC Executive Director Patrick Wright. The nearly 600-acre marsh is located just west of the Tahoe Keys and should act as the last defense against the thousands of tons of clarity-reducing fine sediment entering the lake every year, according to the agency.

“Beginning in the late 1950s, portions of the Upper Truckee River through the marsh were straightened and channelized to facilitate construction of the adjacent Tahoe Keys development,” according to a statement from the CTC. “A primary goal of the draft plan is to reconnect the river with the marsh, and to restore the natural processes that filter fine sediment and other pollutants before they enter Lake Tahoe.”

Five alternatives are included in the plan. A preferred alternative has not been selected and the CTC is receiving public input on the proposed project.

Once an alternative is selected, the multi-year effort could head to construction as early as 2015 if it receives the necessary approvals and funding, according to the CTC.

Comments on the proposals must be received no later than April 8. Comments can be submitted by emailing More information on the project is available by calling Victoria Ortiz at 530-542-6063 or visiting

A separate restoration project along the Upper Truckee River, known as Sunset Stables Reach 5, gained approval from the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board last week.

That restoration project may be in front of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency’s Governing Board for approval as soon as April. If the TRPA signs off on the restoration, that project could begin this summer.