Promise Keepers rally in Carson Valley draws 35 men |

Promise Keepers rally in Carson Valley draws 35 men

by Merrie Leininger

The Promise Keepers’ rally Saturday at the Carson Valley United Methodist Church drew 35 men, according to organizer Bill Baker.

The rally mostly served to reinforce what attendees learned at the last conference in Sacramento in October, as all had previously been to large Promise Keeper conferences.

The speakers gave testimonies about how their first experience at a conference affected them, Baker said.

Another talked about when he was in the process of getting a divorce and a friend talked him into going to the conference.

“On the way home he started crying. For two hours they sat on the side of the road while he screamed and cried,” he said. “When he got home, he apologized to his wife and they got back together.”

Baker said his first experience at a conference in 1995 in Fresno had the same effect on him.

“You would be surprised about what has happened to men in just two days at the conferences,” he said. “Everything changes. When you get a group of 1,700 guys together, between the music, the speakers and all these other men saying, ‘We have the same problems you have and we’re here with you,’ the Holy Spirit comes down.”

This weekend’s rally was “like a little booster between conferences. It reinforced the what they had at the conference,” he said.

Baker said the Promise Keepers is a “safe haven” for men in a world that forces them to keep their emotions bottled up.

“Males don’t bond that easily. When you go to the conference, everything just goes away, that shield, that fear goes away. They can say anything they want to whether to a stranger or the person they came with.”

The Carson Valley/Carson City group is in the process of planning a rally next year that will be for the whole family. Baker said organizers hope to bring in some well-known speakers and people involved with the national Promise Keepers organization.

Another nation-wide event is planned for Jan. 1, 2000. Rallies all over the country will be linked by satellite.

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