Project wins ‘inadvertent’ endorsement |

Project wins ‘inadvertent’ endorsement

A parcel off Pinenut Road is the subject of a master plan amendment that was heard by planning commissioners on Tuesday.
Kurt Hildebrand

A new planning commissioner said he inadvertently voted for a master plan amendment that might have otherwise failed to get a super majority.

Douglas County Planning commissioners approved recommending changes for a piece of property located north of Pinenut Road near the Muller Lane roundabout south of Gardnerville.

Developer Stoneridge Communities is seeking the change on 13.3 acres from agricultural to multi-family residential. That parcel would be joined to a neighboring 16-acre parcel that is already multi-family residential to create a 158-home manufactured community for retired people.

Project proponents said they sought the change because the frontage along Muller Parkway is too close to the roundabout for them to install a second access road.

Douglas County requires projects larger than 20 units to have two accesses.

While zoned agricultural, there are no water rights associated with the property, so it isn’t irrigated.

Gardnerville Town Board members voted to recommend the request.

Planning Commissioner David Akola voted for the master plan amendment, but against the zoning map, saying he didn’t mean to vote for the amendment.

Planning Commissioner Devere Henderson voted against the amendment, saying he didn’t see the need for additional affordable housing in the county.