Project finds new old way to guide tourists |

Project finds new old way to guide tourists

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There has been more than one story of someone using a map program to find someplace in Gardnerville, only to end up in the Pine Nuts.

The Carson Valley Visitors Authority has spent the last year working on a means to direct tourists to the Valley’s attractions the old-fashioned way, signs.

This week authority representatives are presenting their proposal to the town boards of Gardnerville, Minden and Genoa.

Basing their work on three Carson Valley brand and vision studies, which contain recommendations dating back more than a decade, the authority has hired a consultant to develop a wayfinding program.

A Nevada Commission on Tourism grant paid to hire consultant Design Workshop with the goal of directing residents and visitors to places of interest.

Another goal is to develop clear signs and information that allow people to find out where they’re going approved by the state, county and local governments.

A committee was formed early in 2017 consisting of the authority, towns, county staff and the Carson Valley Trails Association. The group held three meeting with the Nevada Department of Transportation, in whose right-of-way most of the direction signs would appear.

Also proposed are signs focusing on attractions in a district. For Gardnerville that could include the Douglas County Community & Senior Center, Carson Valley Museum & Cultural Center, Lampe, Stodick and Heritage parks.

Gardnerville Town Board members were scheduled to hear the presentation at their meeting on Tuesday. Minden is scheduled to hear a presentation by Visitors Authority Director Jan Vandermade 5:30 p.m. today at the Minden Public Works Facility, 1330 Buckeye Road. Genoa Town Board members are scheduled to hear the presentation at their 6:30 p.m. meeting today at the Genoa Town Hall.