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Progress on history

Publishing something like the 149 biographies of Douglas County’s most influential people over the past 150 years in Progress is fraught with hazards.

We stumbled into one trap set for us at least six years ago. Marlena Hellwinkel pointed out that the photo next to the biography of “Brick” Hellwinkel is really that of Lou Faletti.

The photo that misidentified Brick appeared in the 2006 Almanac and apparently had the same information at the Douglas County Historical Society. Marlena’s set them straight, and we have to figure out how to prevent future generations from making the same error.

Gardnerville resident Jim Blaisdell sent his congratulations on the Progress edition but expressed regret he didn’t nominate Barbara Byington back in October.

Jim’s right about Barbara deserving to be on the list next to Dal. A graduate of Douglas County High School in 1956, she was Douglas County assessor when I arrived here. Anyone holding that job deserves all the honors we can bestow.

“She has ranching in her blood, and she and Dal worked together successfully in a brutally demanding industry in a rapidly changing world,” Jim wrote. “Barbara has been active all her life in various civic and agricultural organizations. Her service to Douglas County, the state of Nevada and to agriculture has been lifelong, and I wonder if some special recognition could be given her even if belatedly.”

Besides hitting the stacks for research, the coolest thing about working on the Progress was going through the black and white photos up in The R-C’s morgue, many of which I believe where taken by Minden photographer Jay Aldrich. My favorite … the portrait of Jean Lekumberry.

Another note on the photography. The cover photo was taken by Shannon Litz.