Probation revoked in credit card fraud |

Probation revoked in credit card fraud

by Sheila Gardner

Probation was revoked Monday for a 30-year-old Carson City woman with multiple violations including failure to make restitution for credit card fraud totaling $2,400.

District Judge Michael Gibbons ordered Tibbi Z. Way to serve 32 months in Nevada State Prison, and gave her credit for 92 days in custody.

She must serve a minimum of 12 months before she is eligible for parole.

Way said she had recently been released after two months in jail on the latest violation when she reoffended for possession of drug paraphernalia.

She is facing an additional charge in Carson City.

Way admitted she had a drug problem.

“I was pretty keen on keeping it off the record, but obviously I got in trouble for drug stuff. I can’t deny it any more. It’s hard for me to say I wouldn’t use it anymore,” Way said.

Lawyer Kris Brown said Way had an addiction to methamphetamine.

“She’s asking for one last chance to address this underlying problem,” Brown said.

Way was sentenced in December for taking the money from a woman with multiple sclerosis who hired Way as a caretaker.

Prosecutor Karen Dustman said the woman had been reimbursed by her credit card company, adding it was important that the company be repaid.

“I can’t deny anything,” Way said. “I was completely avoiding my substance abuse evaluation. I was on drugs. I know what I’ve done.”

Way said her coping mechanism was to use drugs.

“I tend to flee when I get overwhelmed. That’s what I did. Drugs are an easier way to deal with it,” she said.

Probation officer Tami Matus said Way failed to complete any terms of her probation.

“She is not amenable to probation. She could have been doing counseling or community service if she couldn’t find a job. There is a complete lack of doing any of the rules,” Matus said.