Probation reinstated for Lyon County woman |

Probation reinstated for Lyon County woman

by Sheila Gardner

Probation was reinstated Monday for a 21-year-old Lyon County woman who continued to have contact with her boyfriend despite a court order.

A tearful Melissa Suzanne Goetz told District Judge Michael Gibbons she was providing a home for Kip McNabb to help him with a drug addiction.

McNabb, 29, was found dead of a drug overdose at Goetz’s residence on Nov. 3.

She had been ordered to stay away from Goetz while she was on probation because of his criminal record.

McNabb was under the supervision of the Carson City department of alternative sentencing on charges of driving under the influence and possession of a dangerous drug without prescription.

Despite her association with McNabb, Goetz’s attorney Kris Brown said her client did not violate any other terms of her own 2010 probation on a charge of dissuading a witness, a gross misdemeanor.

“I think she realizes she placed herself in a bad situation. She made a bad decision, but she made it out of love. When you fall in love with somebody, your heart directs you. I think it would be a waste of resources to put somebody in jail because they love somebody,” Brown said.

Goetz’s probation officer said McNabb would hide outside the house whenever she checked on her client during the two months he lived there.

“I didn’t do it for selfish reasons,” Goetz said. “I really did try to help him. It just didn’t work. I did get him to rehab, but he wouldn’t get out of the car. You can’t help people who don’t want to help themselves.

“I knew the risk. I just wanted him to get better.”

Gibbons said Goetz “flagrantly” violated his order.

“You didn’t just run into him. He was at your house. But you have been punished a lot yourself from finding him dead to living with this every day and going to jail,” the judge said.

Goetz was jailed on a probation violation after McNabb died.

He reintstated her probation but added a condition that she seek mental health assistance to address her grief issues and why she feels the need to enable others.

“You have this idea you have to help people. That’s why you’re in trouble in the original case and now this,” Gibbons said. “Next time you come back, you can expect to finish your sentence.”

Goetz received two years probation for trying to dissaude a witness from testifying against her former boyfriend in an alleged kidnapping in Douglas County for which he was sent to prison.