Probation possible in TRE brandishing case |

Probation possible in TRE brandishing case

Gary Walker

Probation is being recommended for a Topaz Ranch Estates man who admitted putting a gun to a teenage girl’s head in her home on New Year’s Eve 2015.

Gary Michael Walker, 69, appeared in Douglas County District Court on Monday where he admitted to battery and assault, both using a deadly weapon.

While the charges, both B class felonies, carry a maximum sentence 21 years if run concurrently, prosecutors agreed to recommend suspending the sentence.

In canvassing Walker, District Judge Tom Gregory made sure he understood that agreement was not binding on him at sentencing.

Gregory set an Oct. 17 sentencing date for Walker, after asking parole and probation if they could complete the hearing early. Attorney Maria Pence said Walker didn’t have any criminal record.

Pence said her concern was that Walker would be incarcerated the entire time until his sentencing.

Until three weeks ago, he was out on his own recognizance living in housing provided by the Veterans Administration.

A change in his medication led to his being taken into custody after he allegedly threatened another occupant.

Pence said she was working with the VA to get him reinstated in the hopes of eventually having him attend veteran’s court in Reno.

Walker is being held in Douglas County jail in lieu of $10,000 bail. Should he be released, he is only permitted to go to court or his attorney’s office in Douglas.

According to court documents, Walker allegedly entered the neighbor’s house while she was cooking and held a gun to her head claiming the family was tapping his cell phone conversations.

Walker was being treated by a psychologist at the time.

The girl said he threatened to kill her family and struck her before leaving the home. Deputies arrested him several hours later when he returned to his own home.

The girl’s family said she has required counseling and is suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome as a result of the encounter.

Walker may be required to reimburse the family for any out of pocket costs related to the girl’s treatment.