Prison probable despite dismissal of felony charge |

Prison probable despite dismissal of felony charge

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A 22-year-old Johnson Lane man pleaded guilty Wednesday to domestic battery in a plea agreement with the district attorney’s office that will result in the dismissal of a felony charge, but revocation of his probation in an unrelated crime.

“I had too much to drink, got in an argument, and ended up striking my girlfriend,” Clayton DeGracia told East Fork Justice Tom Perkins on Wednesday.

DeGracia was arrested May 26 in El Dorado County.

According to reports, deputies were called to the victim’s Indian Hills neighborhood on the report of a couple arguing in the street.

When they arrived, DeGracia reportedly had left with the victim’s car.

He was charged with grand larceny of a motor vehicle and battery that constitutes domestic violence.

He was accused of striking the victim multiple times in the head, then leaving in her vehicle without permission. The auto theft charge is to be dismissed.

DeGracia is being held without bail on felony probation.

He was arrested in October 2010 in connection with marijuana sales from a home in Chichester Estates.

As a result of his guilty plea, he expects to be violated on his probation, and sent to prison to serve a 12-36-month sentence. He is set for a July 2 appearance in district court.

Perkins sentenced him to six months in jail concurrent to any prison sentence.

“Good luck to you, Clayton,” Perkins said. “In a year or two years when you get out of prison, I want you to make a project of not committing any more felonies.”