PRIDE transportation set to come to Valley |

PRIDE transportation set to come to Valley

by Christy Chalmers

State and local transportation officials are preparing to bring PRIDE to the Carson Valley.

PRIDE, an acronym for Public Rural Ride, is intended to deliver commuters to destinations in Carson City and Reno. A Carson City-Reno route is already in place, but the line ends in south Carson City.

Though Statewide Transit Coordinator Sandi McGrew Stanio said recently the line could be extended to Minden in February, Douglas County Transportation Coordinator Mike Askew said Tuesday a more likely date appears to be early March.

As planned, PRIDE buses would stop at the Target-Home Depot shopping complex and Minden Medical Center.

When the PRIDE routes and times are decided, Douglas County plans to begin running DART, or Douglas Area Rural Transit.

“We want to continue the same service we’ve provided to the seniors and the special needs people in the county,” Askew said.

Douglas officials have been planning to add public transportation for several months. Though the senior center provides rides to the center and some medical appointments, operators say they’ve had to turn down disabled people and those without private vehicles who often ask for help. DART and PRIDE service will be available to any resident.

Askew said the DART service will have fixed routes but include door-to-door, curb-to-curb or park-and-ride service depending on the needs of the passengers. It will operate Mondays through Fridays from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. except on holidays.

Passengers will be required to call ahead to book rides, but Askew said tickets should be available through stores and other outlets. Though separate fares will be required for PRIDE and DART, Askew and Stanio said they will be “minimal.”

“We haven’t settled on anything for sure,” said Askew. “I’m going to try to work it so we have a day pass (for DART). Nothing is final yet.”

DART service areas include Mottsville Lane from Foothill Road to Genoa Lane; Johnson Lane to Indian Hills; and Minden and Gardnerville. The southeast coverage area will include Toler Lane from Orchard Road to the Ranchos; Highway 395 to Ruhenstroth and the Riverview Mobile Home Park to Topaz Ranch Estates.

Times and stops will be set to complement PRIDE.

“Before we can finalize our times, we have to know where our connections are going to be,” Askew noted.