Presidential author said he welcomes release of Mueller report |

Presidential author said he welcomes release of Mueller report

by Steve Ranson
Lahontan Valley News
Presidential author and former campaign official David Bossie signs a copy of his book for Patty Schwabe at Sunday’s Lincoln-Reagan Event in Minden.

A presidential author and former deputy campaign manager for President Donald Trump told Douglas County Republicans on Sunday that he would welcome the release of the Mueller investigation because of the way it has been conducted.

David Bossie, who also serves as president of Citizens United since 2001 and is a Fox News contributor, spoke at the annual Lincoln-Reagan event hosted by the Douglas County Republican Central Committee. He co-authored “Trump’s Enemies: How the Deep State Is Undermining the Presidency” with Corey Lewandoswki, who was unable to attend the annual function because of a last-minute meeting in Washington, D.C.

Although the snowy weather and the snow-packed highway from Reno delayed Bossie’s arrival by almost 40 minutes, the accomplished author and deputy executive director of the Presidential Transition Team first met with attendees for a book signing and then delivered a spirited keynote address to the packed house, which also included local and state politicians.

Bossie said he will be happy when the new attorney general, William Barr, assumes his duties, especially as special prosecutor Robert Mueller begins to wrap up his two-year investigation into possible collusion between the 2016 presidential campaign and Russia.

“It’s going to be a matter of weeks before Bob Mueller submits his report to the attorney general,” Bossie said, adding the report will be redacted because of grand jury testimony. “Make the report public because it will show us two sets of rules.”

Bossie said he wants to know if Mueller treated key FBI officials differently and if they broke the law. He also panned the conduct of FBI agents when they arrested Roger Stone, a former Trump adviser.

“I would like to see what Bob Mueller has to say,” Bossie added. “Bob Mueller and 13 angry Democrats have been working on this investigation that’s trying to delegitimize the president — basically what I consider a political action to nullify the election. We have never had that before.”

Bossie listed the accomplishments that have occurred during the Trump administration such as a 4 percent unemployment rage, a good gross domestic product rate and 600,000 new manufacturing jobs.

“It’s offensive to me that we have to go out and argue these things, and all the left does is show their anger and malice and attack this president,” Bossie pointed out.

The best-selling author described Trump as a “tough New York guy” who finds it more difficult to deal with the politicians in Washington, D.C. that with fellow developers and businessmen in New York City; furthermore, Bossie added the president loves America first and always.

Bossie said he was invited to speak by Michael J. McDonald, chair of the Nevada Republican party, and Jim DeGraffenreid, a member at-large of the DCRCC. Bossie applauded the group as being dedicated to the president’s re-election.

“I wanted to come here and discuss the important issues of the day, discuss what’s going on in Washington and just tell these folks in Douglas County how important it is for them between now and November of next year to register voters and to work as hard as possible now so were able to re-elect President Trump in 2020,” Bossie said.

According to Bossie, “Trump’s Enemies” is the only book written on the presidency that includes an extensive interview with the commander in chief after he and Lewandoswki met with Trump in the oval office for an hour. In addition to the interview, Bossie said the two authors have also traveled extensively with the president, and he figures both he and Lewandoswki have spent thousands of hours with Trump.

“We are very familiar with his thinking, having run his campaign,” Bossie said. “If you look at the news every day, this book is important to educate the American people of what’s going on.”

Later this year, Bossie and Lewandoswki are coming out with their third book on the president that discusses his accomplishments. Their first book describes the campaign, which began in 2015. Bossie said Trump works hard every day, and Americans are better off today than they were two years ago despite the opposition from the Democrats.

“Politics are mean and nastier because of the left,” Bossie pointed out. “The left in this country hates this president more than they love this county, and they are willing to do anything to delegitimatize him and defeat him. That’s what were up against.”

Bossie said Trump lost Nevada by a small margin to Hillary Clinton, who won Washoe County by 1 percent of the vote and Clark County by almost 11 percent. Trump carried the other 15 Nevada counties including Douglas by 32 percent, Carson City by 14 percent and Churchill by 51 percent. Nevada wasn’t the only close race for Trump.

“We were beat in several states by a small margin,” Bossie said.

Bossie touched on Trump’s partial victory in Congress that will fund 55 miles of a wall to be built between the United States and Mexico, far short of the 234 miles the president originally had requested. Trump then declared a national State of Emergency to obtain further funding from different sources. Bossie said he likes former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who did not seek re-election, but he felt Ryan failed the president by not getting legislation to build the wall when the Republicans controlled both houses of Congress.

Bossie also took the national media to task for their reporting on the presidency. Every time Trump leaves or returns to the White House, Bossie said the president talks to the media.

“He loves the interaction,” Bossie said, “(but) he uses Twitter to bypass the media and talk directly to the American public.”

The dinner also featured a silent and live auction as well as impressionist Bob DiBuono, a Trump impressionist and stand-up comedian who has appeared on Comedy Central and is rated by Fortune Magazine as one of the top Trump impersonators in the country. Millie Bratsch, who played Tanya in the Western Nevada Music Theater Company’s “Mamma Mia” sang the national anthem and the Douglas County Sheriff Explorers presented the colors.