Pre-K classes kick off Easter |

Pre-K classes kick off Easter

by Leslie Pearson
Azalyn Vasey, 4, participates in the Trinity Lutheran Preschool Easter egg hunt on Friday morning.
Shannon Litz | The Record-Courier

For Trinity Lutheran Child Care pre-kindergarten students, Friday’s Easter egg hunt was the “last hurrah of parties” for the school year, Jacque Bertucci, pre-kindergarten teacher said.

“We have about 102 or 103 students and 500 eggs,” she said. “We have done this every year for a number of years and we talk prior to the party about what Jesus means on this day.”

Student Landin Miller, age four-and-a-half, said the plastic eggs were easy to find and contained his favorite candy: Skittles.

“They’re my favorite because they’re made colorful,” he said.

His classmate, Olive Thomas, 5, didn’t waste words on which Easter treat was her favorite.

When asked which candy she liked best, she dumped all her candy out on the table and smiled.

The morning’s party was also about family. Several parents were in attendance photographing daughters in their blue and pink dresses or, in one case, a son wearing his Easter fedora.

Zachary Smit, 5, shared the hunt with his twin, Noah.

“We kind of look the same but we don’t because we have different clothes on,” Zachary explained.

Easter is his favorite holiday because he gets to “find eggs and Jesus”, he said.

Henna Lee Classen, who raised five fingers when asked her age, agreed, and said getting the candy was her favorite part.