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Power dam will be completely and totally, utterly destroyed by explosion

Staff Reports

The old power dam will be demolished by the end of the month.

The county is not releasing the date and time of the demolition.

“We’re intentionally not releasing the date,” said Dick Mirgon, director of emergency management and communications for the county. “We don’t want a crowd of 100 to 150 people there to watch.”

The dam is located on the East Fork of the Carson River. Its south abutment was washed away by the January flood, leaving the structure unstable.

Although Douglas County has no jurisdiction over the dam, officials want it torn down because it could collapse in the event of more high water, causing potential danger downstream.

The state of Nevada, the U.S. Forest Service, Douglas County and numerous state agencies are working together to orchestrate and pay for the structure’s demolition.

The explosives are being handled by the U.S. Navy and the Wilson mining firm. Workers have been preparing the site for the demolition. They have been drilling holes in the structure for the explosives to be placed. Workers have also been clearing around it so when it collapses the debris will fill the swimming hole below it.

The old dam has been the site of drownings and accidents in recent years.

Earlier this month, county commissioners approved the expenditure of up to $5,000 for the demolition. The U.S. Forest Service is contributing $2,000, and the state engineer’s office has agreed to pay half of the cost.