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Potholes, Tillman top priorities for repairs

by Amy Alonzo
Tillman Road is closed from Kimmerling Road to Patricia Drive because of unsafe driving conditions.
Dave Price |

Repairs to potholes and damage caused by floodwaters are the top priorities in the Douglas County 5-Year Transportation Plan, civil engineer Jon Erb told county commissioners Thursday.

The transportation plan is part of the 2017-18 Capital Improvement Plan, which is set to go before commissioners for approval at their March 16 meeting.

Erb said the two most urgent priorities are repairing potholes on various county roads and working on Tillman Lane, which is currently closed.

“This winter’s been harsh on all of our roads,” he said.

Instead of doing slurry and chip seals on county roads plagued by potholes, he recommended doing sawcuts and patches.

“Just filling potholes with materials is a temporary fix … We’ve done the same potholes several times this year,” he said. “It’s just the nature of the beast, the beast being winter.”

In addition, Tillman Lane “is coming undone real fast,” he said. “It’s now to the point where it’s unsafe for public travel.”

Erb suggested postponing scheduled work on Mottsville Lane that was set for this year because “Mottsville is going to probably be flooded right up until the end of the summer.”

Scheduled work on Centerville Road could also be postponed if it floods this spring and summer, he said.

Beyond surface repairs the county is looking at installing flashing yellow arrows at the stoplight at the intersection of Buckeye Road and Highway 395 in Minden “to increase capacity through that intersection,” he said.

Other projects listed in the 5-year plan include:

Constructing new pavement on Jacks Valley Road from Alpine View to James Canyon ($1.9 million, FY16-17),

Constructing new pavement on Jacks Valley Road from James Canyon to Genoa ($2.5 million, FY16-17),

Extending Heybourne Road from Stephanie Way to Johnson Lane ($6 million, FY to be determined),

Working on Dump Road from the landfill entrance to the NDOT station entrance ($1.5 million, FY17-18), and

Widening Dresslerville Road from Tillman Lane to Centerville Road to a four-lane collector ($1,6 million, FY16-30).