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Pool won’t change fee for disabled

by Christy Chalmers

The East Fork Swimming Pool Board has decided disabled adults seeking a discount at the Carson Valley Swim Center will be on the honor system.

The board decided 3-1 Thursday to continue charging a daily fee for disabled users without requiring proof that the people claiming the discount are disabled.

“(A disabled rate) is going to take more energy to have to administer than to just let people in that have to report to themselves,” said board member Jill Doyle.

Pool managers had recommended dropping the $1.50 day use fee charged to disabled users and instead charging them the fee that applies to their age group. For users under 17 or over 55, that wouldn’t mean a change, because children and seniors pay $1.50. For disabled people aged 18 to 54, the day rate would have climbed to $3 – the adult price.

The recommended change was prompted by conflicts that were rising over the definition of disabilities. Board members reasoned that many of those claiming the disabled rate could also qualify for senior and children’s rates or purchase weekly, monthly or quarterly passes, so they didn’t think many would be affected by elimination of the daily rate.

The move concerned Dee Dee Foremaster, a resource specialist for the Carson City Center for Independent Living, which also serves disabled people in Douglas, Storey and Lyon counties. She worried that disabled people in the affected age group would be priced out of the pool, because they might not be able to afford the cost of a multiple-use pass or the higher daily fee.

The board considered requiring a form that would document the status of people claiming the disabled discount, but decided the number of questionable claims wouldn’t justify the effort.

A recent study determined an average of two adults per day claim the discount.

“If the problem isn’t that severe…I’d let them deal with the guy in the mirror,” said board member Suzy Stockdale.

“I agree with Suzy. Take their word or don’t do it,” said Linda Rigdon, assistant pool director.

Board member Todd Connelly opposed the move because he thinks it won’t solve the underlying problem of fraudulent claims.

“I don’t think we’re coming up with a solution,” he said after the meeting. “It’s come up as an issue before, and this isn’t doing anything to solve it.”

Pool fees are reviewed annually. Stockdale said the issue can be revisited if abuse occurs.