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Pool board eyes purchase of two acres

Staff reports

The East Fork Swimming Pool Board of Trustees will look at a proposal to buy two acres to the west of the Carson Valley Swim Center at its April 30 meeting.

Construction of a day care center on three and a half acres south of the pool will begin this month. Because the state will not allow left-hand turns into and out of the south entrance on Highway 88, owner Stan Bagget has plans to place a road around the west side of the pool complex giving access to the center.

The proposed road around the pool complex would enter from Mahogany Drive adjacent to the west side wall of the swim center. The board will consider purchasing the two acres so that the road could be placed at a point some 100 yards away, said pool director Kirk Chiapella.

Mahogany gives onto Highway 88 across from County Road where left turns on and off the highway are allowed.

The idea is to allow for future expansion of the pool site or to leave it as open space, Chiapella said.

Greg Painter and Pat Fagen, owners and developers of the seven acres west of the pool, and Bagget made a presentation for the purchase at the pool board meeting last week.

Painter said he and Fagen are glad to offer the two-acre site to the swim center, as their plans for private recreational facilities to be constructed this spring will fit right in with the pool, day care center, and other future recreational use in the area.

The developers said they needed to know the board’s decision soon, because construction of the road and placement of underground utilities will begin this month. Purchase price for the two acres is $3.91 per square foot or approximately $344,000.

The board ordered an appraisal of the property to determine its fair market value.

If the board does not buy the two acres, the road would be built immediately and there would be no opportunity to move it later, Chiapella said.

However, Chiapella added, “It’s not the goal of the district to be in the real estate market, but we could sell the property if we decide not to expand five years down the road. One thing the district could do now is minimal landscaping of the property so it won’t be unsightly.”

Discussion and possible action on the proposal will take place at the April 30 meeting, 8 a.m., in the meeting room of the swim center. For information, call Chiapella at 782-8841. The public is welcome to attend.