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Pony Express re-rides through Valley

Like the original Pony Express, participants in this year’s Pony Express Re-ride will be crossing the vast expanses of Nevada’s deserts before arriving in Western Nevada.

Expected to arrive in Genoa sometime during the afternoon of Wednesday, the re-ride is a relay involving an estimated 600 riders.

The mochila containing the mail left St. Joseph, Mo., on June 10 and is expected to arrive in Old Scaramento on June 20.

The rider should be crossing Wyoming today, and isn’t expected to arrive in Nevada until early Monday morning.

A handful Pony Express reriders may escort the mochila into Stateline for the transfer to California on Wednesday.

Riders are preparing for the long run across Nevada, according to Nevada Division Vice President Ron Bell.

Bell has two rides to make this year, starting at Sand Mountain east of Fallon around midnight on Wednesday.

“We’re pretty excited,” he said on Friday. “The mail’s on its way and we’ll get it done in 10 days.”

Bell said there are roughly 400 riders, which provides better conditions than the original Pony Express, which had 40.

“All of us are breaking the ride up into two-mile sections to save the horses,” he said. “It’s going to be hot this year, so I’m telling everybody is to ride a light cantor or medium trot, take our time, do this thing safely and have a good time.”

He hopes to arrive in Carson City around 12:30 p.m. Wednesday.

“If they’ll let us, I’d like to ride down Carson Street between Second and Fifth in case people want to watch,” he said.

If the pony is on time, and it’s far from an exact science, it should be in front of the Genoa Courthouse between 2:30 and 3 p.m.

From there the riders go up old Kingsbury over the summit and to Heavenly.

Bell said he’s always wondered at the survival of the Pony Express in Western lore.

He things it being featured in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show accounts for its survival in Western Lore.

This is the 41st year the reride has been conducted through Carson Valley.

Residents can track the rider at nationalponyexpress.org.