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Pond tour showcases unique paradises

Juana Beguelin and Dave Whitefield's 'vanishing pond was featured on the annual Northern Nevada Pond Tour Saturday.
Sarah Drinkwine |

Backyard paradises varying in shape and size attracted more than 100 pond enthusiasts Saturday during the Northern Nevada Pond Clubs annual pond tour.

Each attraction at the 10 homes between Gardnerville and Washoe Valley was unique and fitting to the individual owners.

“They (the ponds) have been really nice, all have been different and interesting.” said Dayton resident and first-time pond tourist Patti Lamers. “The fish is what amazes me and just how big they get.”

Most ponds on the tour homed koi and other fish while all were decorated with planted or natural flowers and trees providing shade, serenity and beauty. Also around the ponds were fountains, water features and statues that gave each personality and portrayed the unique touch of the owners.

At the Washoe Valley home of Tim and Christine Stevens the five senses surrounded their pond with hand carved Italian Gods and Goddesses.

Another pond was constructed with concrete, holding 1,500 gallons of water, with a depth of 4 feet, a waterfall and stream in the backyard of Carson City residents Tom and Jan Hewitt.

“It’s so amazing to sit here in the evening and listen to the water,” said Jan. “ It takes away the street noise, it’s soothing and comfortable.”

The Hewitts purchased the home two years ago with the pond already installed and in need of a revamp. Since then, they joined the pond club and sought out information and advise in improving and maintaining their pond.

“I love how every pond is different and what works for one owner may not work for another, it’s interesting,” said Jan.

Carson City residents Juana Beguelin and Dave Whitefield decided to do something different with their pond.

The pond sits on a crafted one-acre landscape with several water features surrounding the yard and a long stream winding down to a recirculating pond that vanishes under a blanket of rocks.

Dave said because the pond is not in direct contact with the sun, there is less algae and maintenance.

One pond tourist said the home would make for a beautiful place for a wedding.

“It’s like an enchanted forest out here,” said Juana. “We couldn’t ask for anything more. It works for us and we love it.”

The tour featured many ponds in the surrounding area and allowed people to experience the beauty and serenity of private ponds while learning tips for building and maintaining them.

The pond club holds monthly meetings to guide pond and water feature enthusiasts.

The pond club meets at 6:30 p.m. the third Tuesday of the month. Each month the meeting is held at a different member’s home to explore their water feature or pond. For information, contact Sharon Dunk 267-0336 or Bev Fricke 265-7765.