Pledge back in Douglas High students’ routine |

Pledge back in Douglas High students’ routine

Staff Reports

After a busy first week, Douglas High School students resumed saying the Pledge of Allegiance and observing 30 seconds of silence on Friday morning.

“They have not formally been doing announcements this week because they have been so busy making sure every student has a proper schedule,” Superintendent Teri White said on Friday.

Principal Marty Swisher confirmed that the Pledge was back in the morning routine on Friday.

“We haven’t set up our announcements with our Leadership students yet, so we have only been making essential announcements,” Swisher said Friday. “We definitely will do the pledge and 30 seconds of silence, starting today.”

Leadership students will be taking over next week, Swisher said.

White said it is school district policy and state law that the schools offer time each day for students to pledge allegiance to the flag.

Nevada Revised Statute 389.014 requires patriotic observance at state schools.

“Each public school shall set aside appropriate time at the beginning of each school day for pupils to pledge their allegiance to the flag of the United States,” the law, which was revised in 1999, says.