Playground fund receives another $1,000 donation |

Playground fund receives another $1,000 donation

by Sheila Gardner

The Minden grammar school playground fund has grown another $1,000, thanks to George and Edna Mross, both retired school district employees.

“I spent 20 years of my life overlooking that little playground. There were a lot of memories,” said George Mross, former assistant superintendent for human resources.

“Occasionally, I would go out and use the swings when I was trying to think through a problem. My own grandkids would drop by, and I would push them on the swings and twirl them around on the merry-go-round,” he said. “We would have grandmas and grandpas come in with toddlers, and I would watch them from the window.”

The Mrosses’ donation pushed the total nearly a quarter of the way toward $10,000 needed to replace playground equipment at the Minden school which was rated unsafe by the federal government.

“We are so appreciative of George and Edna’s gift.” said Douglas School Superintendent Lisa Noonan. “We are hoping other local families and businesses may donate $50 or $100 — whatever they can — this summer so that we can get to the goal line and finish the project.”

From the older children playing basketball on the northside of the school to the kindergartners temporarily taught in the basement, Mross said it was unique that the district office still served children.

“I would hope that we could continue that as long as possible,” Mross said, “It just made me feel good, Edna as well.”

He worked for the district for 36 years; Edna Mross worked for many years as a school counselor.

The district is trying to raise $10,000 and is almost to $2,300 now from local donations, Noonan said.

Donors receive a letter of appreciation, and the gift to the school district is tax deductible.

John and Patti Larson of NV Mobile RV Service also donated $1,000.

The equipment was removed in April by the school district following an advisory from the federal government that the swing set and monkey bars were unsafe.

The district is spending $600,000 to replace all the elementary schools’ playground equipment, but was seeking donations for the administrative office.

Contributions are tax deductible.

For information, call 782-5134, or stop by the district office at 1638 Mono Ave., in Minden between 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Noonan said.