Plans for bank means Westerner’s demolition |

Plans for bank means Westerner’s demolition


What: Gardnerville Town Board

When: 4:30 p.m. Tuesday

Where: 1407 Main St., Gardnerville

A bank is proposed on the site of what is now the Westerner Motel.

Gardnerville Town Board members are scheduled to review plans on Tuesday for a new Chase Bank at the corner of Main Street and Lampe Drive.

The 25-room motel opened in fall 1971 when it was on the southern end of Gardnerville.

According to a letter from the applicant, the motel will be demolished and new utilities installed.

The bank will have two remote drive-up ATMS with a canopy.

According to the plan, the new bank will net 3,119 square feet and will be located nearest the highway and Lampe Drive on the 1.06-acre lot. Builders have planned 26 regular, five compact and two handicapped parking spaces.

The property is owned by Louise Marin of South Lake Tahoe.

According to a letter from the Nevada Department of Transportation access to the bank will be enter only from Main Street, with additional driveways on Lampe Drive and through to the Smith’s shopping center parking lot.

The motel is still open.