Planning commission to look at Minden plan |

Planning commission to look at Minden plan

by Sheila Gardner

Minden’s preliminary “plan for prosperity” will be presented to county planning commissioners Thursday.

Residents and members of the town’s business community have been meeting since January to create an economic plan for the downtown core which takes advantage of the potential for growth without losing the 95-year-old town’s historic character.

The Citizens Advisory Committee will give planning commissioners an overview and priority list of the policy questions members have researched over the past few months.

“We’ll be presenting a working set of concept diagrams as a way of talking about different ideas and, hopefully, the meeting will result in discussion of basic principles of land use, circulation and community design that we can use,” said Bruce Race, a Berkeley, Calif., urban planner who has been facilitating the process since the first of the year.

The process is being funded with $50,000 from Douglas County, which contracted with Race.

“We’ll be highlighting what some of the committees have talked about in planning as big, important policy questions,” he said Monday.

One issue, Race said, is “how extensive the open space connections are between Minden and the rest of the area.”

Minden residents underscored the importance of open space and trails, particularly important with the open space sales tax question on the November ballot, Race said.

A second priority is housing and third is redevelopment of the old flour mill site and future use of the recently-vacated Bently property on Highway 395.

The citizens committee met in three workshops and developed a set of economic, land use and community image objectives. Minden Town Board members, Planning Commissioner Valida McMichael, County Manager Dan Holler and planning chief Mimi Moss have also been attending the workshops.

The workshop begins at 6:30 p.m. at the CVIC Hall, 1604 Esmeralda Ave. in Minden.