Planning commish OKs Starbucks parking variance |

Planning commish OKs Starbucks parking variance

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A new warehouse at the Minden Starbucks will bring the company’s Western Nevada operations under one roof, a representative said on Tuesday.

Douglas County planning commissioners approved a major variance reducing the number of parking spaces at the plant, located north of the Minden-Tahoe Airport in Carson Valley.

Currently, Starbucks’ warehouses are located in Reno and Sparks, according to Chris Baker, spokesman from Manhard Consulting.

The expansion will reduce the amount of truck traffic to the plant because the warehousing.

“This is really a consolidation of Starbucks’ facilities in Western Nevada, shifting to and from sites in Reno and Sparks,” Baker said. “Everything will be under one roof.”

The expansion includes construction of 82 additional parking spaces for trailers and paving all 248 of them.

Minden-Tahoe Airport Manager Bobbi Thompson said trucks heavier than 26,000 pounds will be prohibited from using Bliss Road under FAA requirements for its realignment.

Baker said that shouldn’t be an issue for the Starbucks trucks using the road.

The variance reduces the number of parking spaces from 1,237 to 721.

Douglas County Planner Steve Mason said the existing parking lot is only used 55-60 percent.

The plant was approved in 2001. Mason estimated that it could be the largest building in Douglas County.

He said that the walk from the present parking to the warehouse would be a quarter-mile each way.

Starbucks will be hiring 140 new employees to cover warehouse shifts, Baker said. He said the company’s preference is to hire locally where possible.