Planning commission denies slaughterhouse |

Planning commission denies slaughterhouse

The former Storke Dairy in Centerville was purchased in June for a meat processing plant.
Kurt Hildebrand/R-C File Photo

A raucous crowd gathered to oppose a slaughterhouse at Centerville, but in the end it was a reluctant planning commissioner that resulted in a denial.

On Tuesday planning commissioners deadlocked 3-3 on the proposal, despite several attempts to get a decision.

Voting against the special use permit were JoEtta Brown, David Akola and Kirk Walder.

On the opposite side were Maureen Casey, Mark Neddenriep and Bryan Oland. Planning Commissioner DeVere Henderson was not at the meeting.

The applicant, through her representative Rob Anderson, refused to agree to a continuance.

Under county code, Karin Sinclair of Sinclair Farms may appeal the planning commission decision to county commissioners.

It was that prospect that prompted Casey to change her vote to break the deadlock.

While residents spoke on both sides, those opposed to what was described as an abattoir outnumbered supporters.

Lifelong Centerville resident Julian Larrouy opposed the request.

“I don’t think Centerville is the place for it,” he said. “We enjoy the outdoors in Centerville. I’d love to see the ranchers not have to travel so far, but my property values would plummet. When and if I put my home up for sale, I have to tell people there’s a slaughterhouse 300 yards away. Stink is stink.”

On the opposite side of the fence was resident Russell Scossa, who pointed out there were 250 cows on the property when it was the Storke Dairy.

“When I went to school we were less than half a mile from Carson Valley Meats, and I don’t remember the smell,” he said of his days at Douglas County High School.

Residents questioned whether the meeting had been properly posted with a sign up for 10 days before the meeting.

They sought a change of venue since there were people sitting in the halls.

Planner Steve Mason said that he has a photo of the public notice.

Deputy District Attorney Cynthea Gregory said that if the sign was put up, then that was sufficient for the notice, pointing out that it could have suffered from the wind or some other mishap.

Sinclair said she has purchased the Carson Valley Meats name. The Gardnerville slaughterhouse closed in 1997 after houses were approved next door as part of Chichester Estates.

The 60-acre former dairy operated for six decades before it closed. There are no operating dairies in Carson Valley.