Planning commission denies Silver City RV Park an upgrade in zoning |

Planning commission denies Silver City RV Park an upgrade in zoning

by Sharon Carter

Saying the owners of the Silver City RV Park had not demonstrated a need for expanded commercial zoning, the Douglas County Planning Commission, with one member absent, last week denied a request to upgrade the park’s zoning to tourist-commercial, opting instead to rezone it for private recreation.

The super majority who opposed to the commercial zoning included commissioners Virginia Henningsen, Robert Gaw, Michael Hayes and Rick Gardner. Out-voted on the issue were commissioners Valida McMichael, who said she felt the zoning should reflect what exists on the property, and Jay Lather, who was in favor of consistent zoning for like businesses.

Minden planning consultant Rob Loveberg, who represented the Indian Hills-area operation, told planning officials the property’s zoning, which required a special use permit for the business to operate, hampered owner Tom Day’s ability to seek and secure financing for improvements.

“Lenders are wary of properties that are non-conforming to (their) zoning,” Loveberg said. “The owners are currently investing $2.5 million to improve the park and are asking that its zoning conform to other RV operations in the county, all of which have the T-C zoning.”

Loveberg said the business, which rents short-term camp trailer and motorhome spaces and operates a convenience store and gasoline station as auxiliary businesses, plans no new uses.

But, he said, they would like to have conforming uses – to be allowed to operate their business by right and not be subject to interpretation.

Under the new recreation zoning, the business will continue to operate under the special use permit it was granted in 1979.

In other business, the planning commissioners, whose actions are passed on as recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners, voted to:

n Approve a zone change for 2.2 acres owned by Tenley and Jade Miller at the northwest corner of the Centerville Lane-Dresslerville Road intersection from agricultural uses to Office Commercial. The vote was unanimous.

n Approve a zoning change for about seven acres between the Carson Valley Swim Center and the Nevada Fitness and Aerobics building on the south side of Mahogany Drive. The commission will recommend that the property, owned by Greg Painter, be rezoned from private recreation to office commercial. The vote was unanimous.

n Remove the 3-acre minimum parcel size for multi-family projects to make the acreage consistent with existing uses. The measure included adding policies which would require multi-family residential projects be designed to be compatible with the neighborhoods in which they would be built. The vote was unanimous.

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