Planning board to review two denials |

Planning board to review two denials

by Sharon Carter

If the Douglas County Planning Commission agrees with the county staff’s findings and sends two zoning denial recommendations to county commissioners, it will again be at odds with some of the county’s other advisory boards.

At its Feb. 12 meeting, the Gardnerville Town Board recommended changing a 2.3-acre lot on Centerville Lane, just north of St. Gall Catholic Church, from residential to neighborhood commercial zoning to accommodate the proposed Walton’s Funeral Home.

And the Minden Town Board, at its Feb. 4 meeting, approved rancher Renee Mack’s request to reduce the minimum lot size of parcels adjacent to the Mackland subdivision from one acre, which allows livestock on the premises, to smaller, 8,000 square-foot lots, which do not.

In both instances, county planners say such changes would not be consistent with the goals and policies of the master plan.

Approving the Walton’s request would result in spot zoning and would push business development past the downtown commercial corridor, planners said in their report to the commission. They noted sufficient, available, commercially-zoned property exists in the Minden-Gardnerville area to house the funeral parlor.

And, planners contend, Mack, who had vigorously opposed having her family’s undeveloped ranch land designated as a master plan receiving area, can’t have it both ways if the 1996 Master Plan is to mean anything as a planning tool.

Receiving areas were identified in specific locations in the county for future housing developments denser than one dwelling per acre.

Mack, particularly, had objected to being compelled to transfer development rights (TDRs) onto the property if she wished to reduce lot sizes – the use of TDRs, reportedly worth in excess of $120,000 per unit, is a master plan strategy designed to manage growth.

“Staff believes the expansion of higher density residential development without the use of clustering (another receiving area option) or TDRs is premature and inappropriate at this time and represents a significant affront to the integrity of the master plan and other land use plans and policies,” the staff report said.

The report recommended that Mack Land and Cattle Co. ask to have the property reconsidered for receiving area status in the next master plan cycle.

Mack said Thursday she had made the request with the cooperation of the town of Minden and had no immediate plans to develop the property.

“The Town of Minden doesn’t want lots of that size,” Mack said. “They’re too big and too hard to keep up. They don’t belong in the area we’ve worked so hard to promote.”

Other land-use change requests include:

n From rural residential use to commercial at 3327 Reese Lane in Holbrook Junction.

n From rural residential use, five-acre parcels, to single family residential, one acre parcels, north of Stefanie Way between Nye and Romero drives.

n From rural residential use to tourist commercial at 1412 S. Highway 395 and 3310 Penrod Lane.

n From rural residential use, five acre parcels, to a manufactured housing overlay on Old Highway 395 in Holbrook Junction for a proposed manufactured housing development.

n From forest and range, 19-acre minimum parcel size, to single family residential, one-acre parcels at 3714 Lyla Lane in the Indian Hills area.

n From commercial to multi-family residential at 1472 Slaughterhouse Lane in Gardnerville.

n From forest and range, 19-acre minimum parcel size to rural agriculture, five acre parcels at the east end of Palomino Lane about 1,000 feet east of Mustang Lane.

n From single family residential to neighborhood commercial at 1431 Ezell St., the Nenzel Mansion.

n A special use permit for the Glenbrook Home Owners Association to construct storage facilities in Glenbrook.

Between its annual review of the master plan and the dozen requests for zoning changes, the Douglas County Planning Commission meeting promises to be lengthy.

The Douglas County Planning Commission is scheduled to meet Tuesday at 9 a.m. in the courtroom of the Douglas County Administrative Building, 1616 Eighth St. in Minden.

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