Planners properly noticed meeting |

Planners properly noticed meeting

by Susie Vasquez

The Douglas County Planning Commission did not violate the law when it failed to schedule a special meeting by majority vote, said Senior Deputy Attorney General Neil Rombardo.

The challenge was filed with the Attorney General’s office by Douglas County resident Jeanne Shizuru on Nov. 19, after a special meeting was called by the Planning Commission without a majority vote of that body.

“If the Planning Commission voted in private to hold a special meeting, it would have violated the Open Meeting Law,” Rombardo said. “However, the facts indicate the Planning Commission properly noticed the meeting, complied with the Open Meeting Law and acted within the rules of the Planning Commission for calling a special meeting.”

“This office lacks jurisdiction to pursue Ms. Shizuru’s complaint,” he said.

These Planning Commission meetings can be called either by majority vote or by the chairperson. The issue has nothing to do with the Open Meeting Law, said Douglas County District Attorney Scott Doyle.

Shizuru said if an Open Meeting Law violation has not occurred, these issues can be hard to enforce.

“I’m disappointed, but it’s okay,” she said. “What’s right is right.”

“The planning commission can call a special meeting by majority vote, but they have a second option,” Doyle said. “Special meetings can be called by the chairman.”

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