Planners OK Fish Springs project |

Planners OK Fish Springs project

Fish Springs residents expressed concerns about flooding at a hearing for an 11-unit subdivision proposed in their neighborhood.

Planning commissioners 4-1 approved a tentative subdivision map and a variance to floodplain standards for Hunter’s Point, located on 66 acres near Fish Springs Road and Myers Drive.

East Valley resident DeVere Henderson was the lone dissenting vote.

The project is within sight of the Fish Springs Volunteer Fire Department on property owned by the Hussman family.

There is only one entrance to the project, which crosses the flood plain.

Resident John Dicks quoted Mike Tyson’s statement that everyone has a plan until their punched in the face regarding the flooding that comes down Pinenut and Fish Springs creeks.

“Water is an overwhelming force when it’s unleashed,” he said.

Resident Douglas Carey said that even last weekend’s rain was enough to turn any unpaved road into a quagmire.

“You would have a hard time walking a dog out there,” he said. “It’s very, very muddy.”

Fish Springs Volunteer Fire Chief Elaine Pace said she has lived in the area for 28 years and watched floodwaters exceed design standards three times in the last three years.

Realtor Sheila Schwadel said the proposal that the road and retention basins be maintained by a home owners association is a bad one.

“This property can be developed, but it needs to be done in a more responsible way,” she said. Instead of splitting the access road between two parcels, she suggested placing it in a single parcel.

Fish Springs resident Gretchen Walsh pointed out that the report said there were two earthquake faults on property, though they weren’t delineated on the map.

Fish Springs Road resident Anton Paley said that his home is on the blind curve coming out of Fish Springs and that he’s had some close calls pulling out of his driveway. He also questioned why the effect the drought had on people’s wells in the neighborhood wasn’t addressed.

Property owner David Hussman said his family had owned the property for nearly a century.

Developer Bill Nichols said his firm also did Saratoga Springs in the north county.

“We applied great diligence to mitigate this flood zone area,” he said. “My opinion is we’ve done that.”