Pine Nut community may catch break |

Pine Nut community may catch break

With fires, a lawsuit and a failing sewer plant, Pine View Estates residents have been dealt some bad hands over the past six years.

But it looks like they might have drawn to a straight flush with a proposal to connect to the Minden-Gardnerville Sanitation District.

In a legal notice appearing in Friday’s edition of The Record-Courier, the Pine View Estates Home Owners Association proposed construction of a three-mile, 12-inch sewer pipleline from the community in the Pine Nut Mountains to Pinenut Road in Carson Valley.

As part of the requirements, an environmental assessment is required to determine possible effects of the project.

The failing sewage treatment system would be abandoned and 196 septic tanks abandoned.

Construction of the sewer line past Ruhenstroth could mean residents of that neighborhood whose septic tanks fail could connect.

Advertising for the sewer line may be a good indication that the community’s legal troubles are close to resolution.

The 240-unit subdivision sits on 62 acres in the Pine Nut Mountains south of Gardnerville and was built on Washoe Tribal allotment land in 1997.

The original allotment owner, Mark Kizer, sued in February 2015 claiming that the agreement that established the community violated federal law.

A settlement of the lawsuit will clear the title for both residents and the homeowners association, allowing them to obtain deeds.

Those deeds are necessary before the community can deal with its sewage issues.

The installed plant started failing eight years ago. Because Pine View Estates is on federal land, it is under the jurisdiction of the Environmental Protection Agency, which started sending out notices of violation in 2011.

Residents were told they had access to funding help from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, but the department wants to ensure they get the best deal.