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Pier dispute reaches settlement

by Adam Jensen

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and a North Shore property owner have settled a dispute over a series of environmental rule violations that stretched back to 2008.

On Wednesday, Tamara Fritz and the TRPA agreed to the terms of a settlement agreement for violations of the TRPA code between April 2008 and March 2011.

The violations included an unauthorized pier expansion, the addition of a secondary boatlift, unauthorized storage, snow removal from unpaved areas and violation of cease-and-desist orders at a residence and vacant parcel owned by Fritz on Sunnyside Lane in Placer County.

The settlement requires Fritz to pay TRPA $35,000 within 30 days and restore the vacant property and remove the boatlift no later then Nov. 15.

Terms of the settlement were first presented to the TRPA’s Legal Committee in July. The committee determined the penalty was too low and requested Fritz or a representative attend any settlement approval.

Following the July meeting, Fritz submitted additional information to the TRPA showing she believed a lower fine was appropriate, according to a TRPA staff report this month.

On Wednesday, Jan Brisco, who is representing Fritz through her consulting business, Jan Brisco Consulting, said the information was submitted to TRPA in order to allow Fritz to tell her side of the story.

She noted a representative of Fritz was not in attendance at the July meeting and said the information was not given to the TRPA as a challenge to staff’s findings.

“It was merely to better inform their decision and we ended up settling at the original $35,000,” Brisco said.

“We were here to settle today and that’s what we did.”

TRPA spokeswoman Kristi Boosman said the settlement was considered a compromise by the agency’s legal committee. She said both Fritz and the TRPA are looking to move forward now that the matter is settled.