Physical education initiative goes back to drawing board |

Physical education initiative goes back to drawing board

by Sharlene Irete

A proposed policy to permit students to participate in district-approved activities such as skiing, dance and gymnastics was shelved until next year.

The Supervised Curriculum Physical Education program was proposed as an option to allow students to miss class to participate in off-school sports and receive physical education credit. The board members had too many questions about the problems that could result from the program’s passage and decided to revist it in a year.

“In all the years I’ve been on the board, this is one thing I wish I wouldn’t have started,” said Roman.

“I meant it as a little thing to help a few people out but now I don’t know how workable it will be. There’s major problems with it – more paperwork and more accountability,” he said.

“Personally, I hope it will be defeated. I can’t justify helping parents when I’m going to hurt someone else. If 50-60 kids take the program, we’ll have to eliminate a class and teachers,” Roman said. “It’s just too complicated a system for sites to administer. We have a lot more important things to do.”

Board member Cynthia Trigg said people in her district have asked her about the P.E. proposal.

“I don’t think you’ll see that many parents and kids use it,” she said. “It’s just one more option for students to take advantage of.”

“Students who might otherwise drop out will stay in and maybe not do home schooling,” said member Teri Jamin.

The school board will look at the proposed policy again in a year. Louritt and Roman voted against the review.

Trigg said that it was a good idea to review the proposal. “It’s different than what we started with but it’s a start in the right direction.”