Photo ID required to participate in Saturday’s caucus |

Photo ID required to participate in Saturday’s caucus

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Participants in Saturday’s Republican caucus and precinct meetings should bring photo identification to get in and a smart phone if they’d like to find out what they just did.

Douglas County Republican Party Chairwoman Maggie Benz reminded those going to the caucus that they must present a government-issued photo ID to get in.

More than 4,000 Republicans are expected to participate in the caucuses in nearly a score of locations around the county.

“The rule derives from a provision of the current Nevada Republican Party Platform,” Benz said. “This provision states, in part, that Nevada Republicans regard presentation of ‘… authentic government issued photo identification at the time of voting’ as an imperative. It guarantees that a vote is cast by the person who has the right to cast that vote.'”

Participants must be registered Republicans to participate in the meetings on Saturday.

“No more is required by presenting this official ID at your caucus site than is required when you make any number of purchases or transactions, board a plane or apply for a driver’s license,” Benz said.

Once Republicans have conducted their business of selecting candidates, electing delegates to the county convention and hammering out the party platform, they’ll be able to check results online at the state party website.

The Nevada Republican Party announced a partnership with Twitter and Google to implement new methods of reporting election results.

The partnership will allow Nevadans to receive up-to-the-second results, whether on the web or their mobile phones, in the first ever use of social media to exclusively deliver election results.

“We are proud to announce our partnership with Twitter and Google,” said Nevada Republican Party Chairwoman Amy Tarkanian. “We understand that technology is a crucial part of how our party communicates with voters, so we’re ready to set a trend. The Nevada Republican Party is the first state in the nation to officially release returns in this manner.”

Nevada GOP will also implement a shareable Google result map to track election results as they come in from across the state.

Tarkanian said Nevada will be a crucial state in determining the outcome of the Republican nomination for president.

“Nevada has an important role as the first in the West caucus, the first state awarding delegates in February, and the first and only state to be awarded a full slate of delegates to the Republican National Committee,” she said.

“Not only will Nevada be a crucial state in determining the Republican nominee, I believe that after three years of disappointment from Barack Obama, Nevada will be doing our part to also make Obama a one-term president.”

Statewide and county level-results will be available in real-time at

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