Photo club waterfall theme streams in talent |

Photo club waterfall theme streams in talent

Staff Reports

The Carson Valley photo club’s meeting started out with a bang. Renowned photographer, Eddie Sanderson was one of two presenters for the evening.

Eddie, a recent resident of Minden, has photographed the Queen of England and Ronald Reagan. Some of his personal favorites are Tony Bennett, Mohamed Ali and Ray Charles. Until recently, he used film and developed his own work. His stories of early photography are amazing. His work may be seen on his website

The second presenter was Vic Trujillo of Hawthorne, who was accompanied by his lovely great granddaughter, Ashton Trujillo. Vic is known for his wildlife and landscape photography. Big Horned Sheep, Chucker, and Walker Lake are his favorites to name a few. He has many of his photos printed on metal.

Thank you, Eddie and Vic, for a wonderful evening of different styles and techniques.

The photography contest theme for the month of July was ‘Waterfalls’ which streamed twenty-nine entries of amazing photography.

“Some of the best photography done by club members, ever,” said Board member Nancy Hulsey. “Our wonderful judge, Kathy Allen, had a hard time choosing three places only.”

Congratulations to our three winners. First-place was awarded to Tom Keller with his “Kings Canyon Water Fall.”

Second-place was given to Donald Swezey, with his “Frasier Falls.”

Third-place was awarded to Heidi Neilson with her “Bridal Veil Falls”. This is, truly, spectacular work by all.

The next meeting will be 6:30 p.m. Aug. 8 at the Carson Valley United Methodist Church, 1375 Centerville Lane, Gardnerville. The public is welcome.