Photo club focuses on capsulazation |

Photo club focuses on capsulazation

by Nancy Hulsey
Special to The R-C
First place, Bart Owens with “Ernie’s Bench.”

Our Oct. 9 meeting was an exciting one. Our presenter for the month was our very own president, Tom Keller. His presentation was on photo stacking. It was extremely informative. Attempted capsulazation — The anticipated outcome of focus stacking is a photograph which is absolutely focused from the foreground of the photo to the distant background, producing a great depth of field. Using a good tripod several photos are taken of the same subject however in each photo the photographer manually focuses on separate areas of the photograph. The number of photographs and points of focus is up to the photographer. Tom used three points of focus in his examples and presentation.

Once the photographs are taken and downloaded into your developing program (Lightroom or the like) exposure and lighting adjustments can be made. Then, the photos are jointly moved to Photoshop where the photos are “stacked”. This allows the program to blend the photos and if all goes well you end up with an absolutely focused photo with incredible depth of field. End attempted capsulazation.

This intriguing process takes practice but as we saw, the end result is exceptional. Tom spent a good deal of time working on the examples and demonstrated his obvious patients and attention to detail.

Our photo contest theme was Light Painting. Neil Lockhart had given a wonderful presentation on it two months ago. Since it was a new-to-us form of photography, it was very interesting. It also gave us an opportunity to view many photographable items that members possess. Our judge for the event was Joe Polovina. He admitted that he had never done light painting personally, so it was an experience for all of us.

Congratulations to our three winners.

First place, Bart Owens with “Ernie’s Bench.”

Second place, Jackie Gorton with “Pieces of New Mexico.”

Third place. Donald Swezey with “The Competition.” A big thank-you to all that entered.

It was an amazing contest.

Carson Valley Photo Club meets the second Tuesday of each month. Our meetings are held at The Carson Valley United Methodist Church, 1375 Centerville Road, Gardnerville at 6:30 p.m. The public is welcome.