Photo club contest focuses on birds |

Photo club contest focuses on birds

by Nancy Hulsey
Special to The R-C
First-place winner 'Snow Flake' by Jackie Gorton.

Our February meeting got off to a good start with three new members joining. Welcome, Kim Steed, Milly and Don Seibel.

Ralph Phillips did a short and sweet five-minute presentation and reminder to us all as to some of the basics we all tend to forget.

A. Set all of the appropriate and anticipated settings on the camera before going out to shoot (i.e. ISO, Shutter, Aperture).

B. Utilize the rapid shutter setting before heading off to a shoot involving things that move (i.e. Sport, babies, birds).

C. Taking that “thing a ma bobber,” aka lens cover that covers the lens off before shooting.

It was concise and really good, sound advice flavored with Ralph humor that we all forget to do.

Guest speaker Dwayne Leonard treated the club to his capturing presentation as he outlined the chain of events that led him to his current position as Wrangler and Professional photographer at the Hunewill Ranch in Bridgeport, California. His life has been a colorful one with a 30 year career in law enforcement and teaching college courses as just a part of the backdrop into his current retirement job of wrangling cattle and professional photography at the Ranch. Dwayne’s presentation clearly demonstrated his passion for photography as he explained that a photograph should be more than a representation of what the camera sees but more a representation of what your mind wants the camera to capture. The photographs he displayed depicted his ability to do just that. A super presentation. Dwayne does a variety of different workshops including live-in workshops at the ranch and some classroom style workshops specializing in post exposure developing through Lightroom. He can be reached at:

Our theme for the photo contest was for the birds, and Merry Muller felt strongly about that as she chastised the club members for making her job as judge nearly impossible. The club was fortunate to have had the hawking event in January which gave members boundless opportunities to get incredible close ups and flight shots of many predatory birds. There was also an assortment of local wild birds that several members hiked around to capture. So many of the entries were stunning. Merry, being quite the bird photographer in her own right did an outstanding job in selecting her top three although she found it necessary to recognize several that were “honorable mention”. The top three and congratulations go to:

1st “Snow Flake” by Jackie Gorton

2nd “Bald Eagle” by Steve Davis

3rd “Regal Eagle” by Susan Woskow

The Carson Valley Photo Club meets the second Tuesday of each month at the Carson Valley United Methodist Church, 1375 Centerville Lane, Gardnerville at 6:30 p.m. The public is welcome. Our next meeting is March 12.