Photo club celebrates fall |

Photo club celebrates fall

Nancy Hulsey
First place was awarded to Merry Muller with her photo "Foothill Ponds."

We had a wonderful fall evening. We had 22 members attend a great meeting. One surprise guest was Pat Stanley, one of our founding members.

Our guest speaker was Grant Kaye with a dazzling presentation. Kaye presented a self narrated slide show presentation outlining the techniques, equipment and editing tips needed to photograph the Milky Way and the Aurora Borealis. Kaye’s technical knowledge was more than impressive. His stories of seemingly endless energy and tenacious efforts to track down the “SHOT” nearly overwhelmed his slightly ageing audience of CVPC members.

Kaye advised us not to attempt to take notes. His off the top of his head knowledge of lenses, setting, geographic locations and ideal times for the shot just rolled off of his tongue. He kept our attention throughout his presentation and then he rewarded us all with some of his favorite photographs, most of which required all night campouts on frozen rocky peaks in frigid northern zones. It must be noted here that Kaye’s wife, Kirsten, accompanied him on most all of these arduous shoots and came with him for his presentation.

This presentation was a treat. To learn more about Grant Kaye and opportunities to take classes or go on some serious expeditions, you may visit or

Fall, a photographer’s dream and the judge’s nightmare. There were so many beautiful entries but NJ Thompson took it on. NJ concentrated on “the point of interest” in each photo which allowed her to filter through all of the great entries and use these criteria to separate the best from the rest. So much color and creativity to choose from, NJ took the time to provide the club with ideas and alternative ways to edit many of the photos.

Congratulations to our three winners. First place was awarded to Merry Muller with her photo “Foothill Ponds.” She actually confessed to taking it with her cell phone. Second place was given to Tom Keller and his “Falls in the fall.” Our third place win was awarded to Jackie Gorton with her photo she called “Fools Gold.”

Our Dec. 11 meeting and potluck will be hosted by Eddie Sanderson. Our photo contest will be the “Best of the Best.” Each member is to bring in their best photo that they have taken all year. The photo may be up to 11×14, matted, no frame. This is always an exciting contest. Eddie, again, has agreed to be our judge. Also, our election of next year’s officers will take place.

Our New Year will start off with a bang on Jan. 8.