Petition goes to court today |

Petition goes to court today

A judge is scheduled to hear a case today on the constitutionality of a petition seeking to put a development agreement approved last year by county commissioners before voters.

Judge Steven Kosach has already ruled that the specific petition is invalid after a spotcheck revealed that more than 10 percent of the signatures were invalid.

The issue today is whether approval of the development agreement was administrative or legislative.

While representing the legislative branch, many things the commission does are administrative by nature.

Contracts with vendors, for instance would be administrative, while imposing a new tax would be legislative, generally.

On Friday, petition organizer Jeanne Shizuru encouraged people to listen to the case, which is 1:30 p.m. Thursday.

At issue is whether petitioners could put together another petition and distribute it again. There is the possibility that they could have another petition in time to make the November ballot.

Park Cattle Holdings sued the county and the petition organizers in March, saying the petition violated the Nevada Constitution.

At issue is whether a government, whether represented by a formal body, or by a collection of citizens, can void a legitimate contract.

Last week county commissioners settled the first lawsuit filed in 2020 over the alignment of Muller Lane Parkway near the back of an Orchard Road couple’s property.

Under the agreement, the county would waive a fee should the couple decide to apply divide their property from one 5-acre parcel to two 2.5-acre parcels.