Pedestrian fights deputies at accident scene |

Pedestrian fights deputies at accident scene

by Sheila Gardner

Bail was $101,000 for a 24-year-old pedestrian arrested early New Year’s Day at Stateline allegedly fighting with deputies at the scene of a fatal traffic accident.

According to reports, deputies were conducting traffic patrol around 2 a.m. at the accident scene at Highway 50 between Sewer Plant Road and Lake Village Drive . The suspect, Ryan Stow of Pennsylvania, kept approaching to ask if he could walk into the scene area.

The deputy said he told Stow multiple times over an hour that he could not walk through the scene, and directed him to alternate routes to get around the accident.

He said Stow appeared intoxicated, became belligerent, and shouted obscenities.

At one point, the deputy said Stow became enraged, started screaming and running towards him as if he were going to attack. The deputy said he kicked Stow in the lower abdomen and the suspect fell on his back.

Stow continued to scream and struggle with deputies and refused to comply with directions. The deputy pushed him face first onto the ground and the suspect suffered abrasions on his face and forehead. Stow declined medical attention.

The deputy handcuffed the suspect and transported him to the Lake jail facility. Stow’s blood-alcohol content was .130 more than twice the legal limit for driving.

Once in custody, Stow kept pounding on the cell door until he was placed in the restraint chair. He continued screaming and yelling obscenities at deputies who secured the straps after Stow managed to wriggle out of them twice.

Stow allegedly spit in a deputy’s face and was placed in the spit hood. Later in the day, Stow reportedly “mule-kicked” two deputies in the leg.

He was transported to Carson Valley Medical Center for a voluntary blood draw to determine if he had any communicable diseases that could be transmitted by the spit.

He was to appear Tuesday in Tahoe Township Justice Court.