Paws to Recycle is a success |

Paws to Recycle is a success

Staff Reports

Nancee Goldwater, Douglas County Animal Control spokesperson for the “Paws to Recycle,” aluminum recycling drive, reported that as of the end of the program, 2278 pounds of cans had been collected.

“When we started the project, I was hoping for 500 pounds of aluminum,” she said. “Then when we got that, I was hoping for 1,000 pounds. We are overwhelmed with the response that we got.”

Goldwater said the 2,278 pounds will be doubled by Douglas Disposal, who made the doubling offer early on in the drive.

“They have been just great,” she said. “This means that we have over 4,500 pounds worth of cans to turn in to the contest.”

Paws to Recycle is a nation-wide recycling program benefitting animal shelters.

In the first three years of the program, hundreds of shelters across the country recycled more than 3 million pounds of aluminum cans and earned more than $1 million for needed programs.

This year, the animal shelter collecting the most cans will be eligible for one of five $3,000 grand prizes, in addition to other funds and free Friskies pet food for participating.

Goldwater said due to the great response to the aluminum can drive, Animal Control personnel have decided to continue collecting cans for good causes such as reduced spay and neutering operations. For more information, call 782-9061.