Paving work will close Fay-Luther trailhead |

Paving work will close Fay-Luther trailhead

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Work to repave the Fay-Luther Trailhead will close it Thursday and Friday.

Qualcon Contractors is tentatively planning to grind down and asphalt an approximate 2,500-square-foot section in the apron area of the trailhead where it drops down near the road into the actual parking area.

“This is the worst area of the trailhead and where the big potholes are,” a project spokesperson said. “The actual parking area will be left as is.”

The project is funded by Carson Valley Trails Association.

The entire Fay-Luther Trailhead will be closed to public access on these two days if the project moves forward as currently planned. Hiking only access will still be possible in the general area by using the Jobs Peak Ranch Trailhead 2.5 miles north of here during construction.