Paul chosen for GRGID board |

Paul chosen for GRGID board

by Merrie Leininger

The Gardnerville Ranchos General Improvement District board chose a new trustee Monday night to replace Bruce Nystrom.

The board had 11 applicants, but only interviewed 10 at a special meeting Monday, and selected Roger Paul.

Nystrom had been on the board since 1985 and was chairman when he died Nov. 9 after a long battle with cancer.

The remaining four members had to choose a replacement within 30 days or the County Commission would make the selection, according to the state statutes.

n Interviews. Additional applicants who submitted their letters of interest Monday morning, brought the number to 11 applicants, but two candidates withdrew. Yvonne Cinciala did not come to the meeting, but board member Dewey Jay said she called him before the meeting to withdraw.

Jimmie Fields answered the board’s questions, but before the board sent the applicants out of the room to discuss the issue, he said he felt the board had plenty of qualified applicants and withdrew from selection.

Board members discussed Dennis Le Drew, Jaynese Knight, Richard Bonebrake and Roger Paul as their favorites.

“I happened to really like Jaynese. She has good experience and a lot of intelligence,” said acting chairman Al Wagner. He also said he liked Le Drew.

“He gets a little hot under the collar, but he has good leadership qualities. He makes his point well-known. He is very outspoken and is someone who could act as a trustee but also as a leader,” Wagner said.

Beverly Page said she liked Le Drew, but also Richard Bonebrake, who has twice before run for a board seat.

“He’s been (to the meetings) and has tried to be on the board many times. He knows how we operate. I think he would fit in on he board because of his past associations with us,” she said.

Dewey Jay said he liked Paul.

“Roger Paul comes over well. He obviously has been here quite a few times and he’s a person that could communicate well with the Ranchos itself,” he said.

After the candidates had been called back into the room, Victor Hyden made a motion to nominate Roger Paul and it was seconded by Jay. Page made a motion to nominate Richard Bonebrake, but the motion was not seconded.

Then the board, with the exception of Page, voted for Paul. Wagner said while he did like Paul, he voted for him so there would not be a draw. In that case, the County Commission would have to make the decision.

Page encouraged all the applicants to run for the seat during next November’s election.

n Roger Paul. During his interview, Paul said he wanted to be on the board because he has liked the way the board has been run, and hopes it will continue.

“I’d like to see the quality, as it is right now, continue. I think the GID has provided a good quality of life and made it possible to enjoy our property as we see fit,” Paul said.

He told the board he would make a good trustee because he has the “ability to consider others’ views dispassionately and with courtesy and respect.”

Paul, who has lived in the Ranchos for six years, said he is most interested in the issue of creating public areas with the open spaces.

Paul has worked in various civil service jobs with the U.S. Naval Academy, the Defense Nuclear Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency. His wife, Liz, was also a civil servant. They’ve been married for six years.

Paul is an active member and current vice-president in the Min Guard Chapter 2167 of the National Association of Retired Federal Employees. He also volunteers with the historical society.

Paul was born in Ventura, Calif., and raised in the San Joaquin Valley. He lived in Maryland for 20 years and moved to the Valley after visiting his younger brother, Patrick, who also lives in Gardnerville.

“When I retired, I knew I wanted to return back to the West, but not particularly to California. Both my younger brothers live in the area, one in Truckee and one in Gardnerville,” Paul said.

Paul has three grown children, two sons and a daughter from a previous marriage.

Paul met with District Manager Bob Spellberg Tuesday morning to go over his new responsibilities as a board member.

“I think I was pretty much aware of the nature and scope of the responsibilities. I can see there is going to be a lot to do, but I’m looking forward to working with other members of the board,” he said.