Patriots 13-3 win over Rams covers spread |

Patriots 13-3 win over Rams covers spread

Staff Reports

Sort of like the Super Bowl this year, the gaming win as a result of the big game was kind of a yawn.

New England’s 13-3 win over Los Angeles resulted in $145.9 million in wagers across Nevada’s sports books.

That’s at least $10 million less than 2018 when the Philadelphia Eagles beat New England 41-33.

The sports book win was $10.78 million with a hold percentage of 7.4 percent.

That’s quite a bit more than last year’s $1.17 million win, but nowhere near the largest win, which was Seattle’s blowout over Denver in 2014.

That year the casinos won $19.67 million with a hold of 16.5 percent.

The Patriots were 2.5-point favorites in Sunday’s game.