Passersby stop suspected drunk from driving with baby, dog |

Passersby stop suspected drunk from driving with baby, dog

Staff Reports

Bail is $25,500 for a 43-year-old Stateline man jailed after passersby removed keys from his vehicle to prevent him from driving intoxicated with his 14-month-old son and dog in his vehicle.

Randal Dean Arnold was arrested Sept. 13 after deputies were dispatched to Kahle Park for a report of an intoxicated man who was pushing a baby in a stroller and hitting his dog.

When deputies arrived, Arnold was standing next to his vehicle and the child was strapped in his infant seat in the car. Officers had Arnold sit on the curb because he was too intoxicated to stand on his own, according to reports.

Witnesses said they saw Arnold pushing a stroller and had a brown Labrador on a leash. They said Arnold was staggering and stumbling and appeared to have a vodka bottle in his pants pocket.

They said he was yelling at the dog and hitting it with the stroller, causing the baby to cry.

The three approached Arnold as he attempted to leave in a vehicle, and said they weren’t going to allow him to drive. He stepped out of the car, and confronted the three. While he was distracted, one of the witnesses reached in and removed the keys.

He became angry and confrontational, so they called the sheriff’s office.

A records search revealed that Arnold is on probation with a no-drinking clause. Deputies recovered a ¾-empty bottle of vodka in his pocket. He reportedly told deputies he had consumed “at least a pint of vodka this morning.”

He refused to provide a preliminary breath test.

Once he was placed in the patrol car, Arnold reportedly tried to kick out the rear window. He was taken to the Lake jail while the second officer brought the baby and the dog, and attempted to find the child’s mother.

Deputies left messages on her cell phone, and went to the restaurant where she works as well as the Arnolds’ apartment, but were unable to locate her.

The couple’s landlord said he had seen the couple drinking alcohol “nonstop” and heard what he termed “domestic violence” coming from their apartment for the past week. He said he was on the verge of calling welfare officials.

At the sheriff’s substation, a deputy bathed and changed the baby who had been in wet, sandy clothes and a soiled diaper more than an hour. He also tended the baby in the report writing room at the Lake substation until a representative of Child Protective Services arrived and took custody of the child.

The dog was turned over to animal control.

Arnold was jailed on suspicion of parole and probation violation, child endangerment, and animal cruelty.